A man dies abroad

●If a man has died abroad, then associates with complete death shall notify the State Police, which is received from Latvia diplomatic or consular mission or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

●If the message being received with complete death abroad, nationals may communicate with the relevant country directly to the police, hospitals or forensic investigators to obtain information about the cause of death and the formalities which should be conducted with relevant country authorities.

●If the deceased person was is insured with ( for example, travel insurance), assistance, under an insurance policy, provides insurance company. If the deceased person has not been is insured with all the costs borne by the family.

●If the family wants to bury the dead in a coffin in Latvia, there is a need for the remains of the transport specialist, in hermetically sealed coffin (i.e., plumbing, or from an impermeable material). From the countries that are geographically far removed from Latvia, is often practised cremated remains – a transfer of dust to Latvia.

● Individual Funeral service providers offer a zinc coffin lease for the transport of the deceased.

When providing repatriation services, the Funeral Service Provider shall comply with the standards and recommendations of FIAT-IFTA, the World Organization of Funeral Operatives.

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